Founded in 1998 by Abraham Ray. The Loft Productions began as a recording business in Northern California. At the same time Mr. Ray founded The Placebo, an All-Ages youth run arts and music organization, and was their principle sound and lighting technician for 8 years. Upon moving The Loft to Portland in 2006, the services offered expanded to contracting, consulting, corporate audio and video, rental, purchase, repair and maintenance. Today The Loft offers production services of all kinds, including Sound System rental, FOH and monitor mixing for live concerts; Sound and Video for events of all sizes, Recording, both Live and in the Studio, inculding mixing, and mastering; Lighting design and operation; Consulting and System Design; Repair and building of Sound and Lighting equipment. 


Artist List

Erykah Badu, The Foreign Exchange, Karate, Pinback, Kimya Dawson, Deerhoof, Damien Jurado, Subtle, Calvin Johnson, The Thermals, Of Montreal, Dose-One/Jel (Anticon),Why? (Anticon), Typhoon, Tango Alpha Tango, , Inside Voices, Shaky Hands, Skott Pelkey, Fiddlestick, Black Heart Procession, The Good Word, Kill Sadie, Mirah, ICU, Ral Partha Vogelbacher, Maserati, We’re From Japan, Alaska!, The Mercury Program, Shaking Hands, Ptolemaic Embers, Starving Weirdos, Oma Yang, Roots of Orchis, Modernstate, Joan of Arc, Kickball, Swimming, Winston Smith, Do Not Resuscitate, Strix Vega, A Car A Man A Maraca, “Fuck, Ohio”, Night Wounds,  Akimbo, Joan of Arc, Make Believe, Roots of Orchis, The Velvet Teen, Ghengis Tron, The Billy Nayer Show, Skerik, The USA is A Monster, Acts of Sedition, Mega Total Violence, Parallax, Geoff Farina, Modernstate, The Jezebel Spirit, Cemetery Love Club, P.H.I.S.T., Optimistic Populist, Leaders of Men, Dragged by Horses, Datura Blues, The Signals, The Good Good, The Buffy Swayze, The Rubberneckers, Trash n’ Roll, GHQ, Eureka Garbage Co., The Ravens, Que La Chinga, Horse Thieves, Strength, Romanteek, The Americas, Nuns with Guns, Thought Riot, Grand Buffet, Z-Man, The Dead Science, The Cushion Theory, Lower Forty-Eight, Defiance Ohio, The Clorox Girls, Love of Everything, The Mother’s Anger, Judith and the Holofernes, Life at These Speeds, Archeopteryx, Sinaloa, Minmea, Ember Eternal, Turbo 400, 8-bit, Stereo Chromatic, The Cinema Eye, Raking Bombs, The Bug Pedals, Entheogen, Blow Up Nihilist, Cerberous Shoal, Hijack The Disco, Mach Tiver, Wolves in the Throne Room, Submission Hold, The Strangers, Dear Norah, The Rum Diary, Desert City Soundtrack, Joy Wants Eternity, Book of Maps, Thee More Shallows, Hot Cross, This is The Process of A Still Life, Eyes of Autumn, Ancille, The Hell Yeahs, The Gelding, Hot Cross, Candy Muscle, Frog Eyes, This is My Fist!, Stereoprimer, The Solvents, Yellow Dancer, Marc Antony, Ed Gein, All Else Failed, Swallows, Liarbird, Two Ton Boa, The Monster Women, Kieskagato, Wet Confetti, Pleaseeasaur, Andi Camp, Old Time Relijun, The Advantage, The Pasties, The Joggers, Antiproduct, Yellow Swans, Swan Island, All The Money, Sugarcane Sting Band, Devin Phillips Band, Albino, Joey Porter, Gamelan X, The Bridgetown Saints, Dan Deacon... and hundreds more.

Client List

The Placebo All Ages Music and Arts Venue, Arcata/Eureka CA
Panache Magazing, Eureka CA
Humboldt State University, Arcata CA
Portland Music Company, Beaverton OR
Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Lake Oswego OR
The Goodfoot Lounge, Portland OR
Backspace, Portland OR
Star Theater, Portland OR
Dante's, Portland, OR
Holocene, Portland OR
Someday Lounge, Portland OR
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Portland OR
HBO, Portland OR
Nike WHQ, Beaverton OR
Oregon Berry Festival, Portland OR
In Defense of Animals, Portland OR 
Columbia Sportswear, Portland OR