Recording Rates

I offer extremely affordable rates. My hourly rates are very competitive, and for recording projects I offer project rates that allow you to work with the freedom of not having a “money clock”.  I assign a project rate only after meeting with the band/artist and determining the needs and goals of the project itself. I offer this because I know that an hourly rate, no matter how low it may be, can sometimes impede on the creative process. I am willing to work without a clock, as long as the artists and I can agree that progress is being made in a productive manner.

Live Production Rates

I offer high quality audio and video equipment available for rental for events. I work with a number of qualified technicians to offer the highest quality productions available. Contact me for a quote for your next event.

Repeat Customer Discounts

When I work with a client multiple times, there is a potential for an included Repeat Customer Discount. This is always worked out at the beginning of the new project. I figure if we were successful once, then I would like the chance to build upon that success and take our relationship to the next level, and am willing to offer a rate discount to do so.