AKG C1000s medium diaphragm condenser
AKG C3000b large diaphragm condenser
AKG C391b small diaphragm condenser (x2)
AKG C418 mini condenser (x2)
AKG D160E vintage dynamic
Audio Technica ATM250 DE Dynamic/Condenser
Audix i5
Audix D6 Kick Mic
Audix D4 Kick/Bass Mic
Audix D1 Drum Microphone
Audix OM6 Vocal Mic (x2)
Beyerdynamic M500 ribbon
CAD 90 dynamic cardioid
Crown Sound Grabber II PZM (x2)
Crown PZM-6s Vintage PZM
EV ND767 Vocal Microphone
EV 635 semi-vintage omni dynamic (x2)
Groove Tubes Convertible Condenser Microphone
M-Audio Solaris multi-pattern large condenser
M-Audio Sputnik large diaphragm tube condenser
Oktava MK-012 condenser (x3) 
Realistic 33-1090b PZM Microphone
Revox M-3500 vintage dynamic
Rode NT5 small diaphragm (x2)
Sennheiser E609 guitar cab dynamic
Sennheiser E865 handheld condenser
Shure Beta58a Vocal Microphone (x2)
Shure SM58 dynamic cardioid
Shure SM57 dynamic cardioid (x2)
Sterling ST44 Med Diaphragm Tube Mic
Studio Projects LSD2 stereo large diaphragm

Effect Processors

Lexicon MX-400 4-channel reverb/effects unit


RNC Really Nice Compressor 
Aphex 106 Easyrider 4ch Comp (x2)
DBX 168A Studio Dynamics Processor
Symetrix 425 Gate/Comp/Limiter
Drawmer LX20 Gate/Comp 
ART Dual Levelar Optical Tube Comp
ART PRO VLA original Vactrol Compressor

Mic Pres

Blue Robbie The (Tube) Mic Pre
Focusrite ISA428 w/AD converter card (4 preamps, 8 channels)
Shinybox SI-4 (4 channels)
Presonus MP-20 with AD-797 op amps (2 channels)
Rane DMS 22 with Jim Williams High Speed Preamp installed (2 channels)
Electro Harmonix 12AY7 Tube Mic Pre
Mackie 1402vlz mixer (6 preamps)
ART TubePAC Mic Pre/Opto Compressor (x2)

Tape Machines

Tascam TSR-8 1/2 inch 8-track
Roberts 770 1/4 inch tube 2 or 4 track


MOTU Traveller MK3
MOTU 828mkii
M-Audio ProFire 2626
Presonus SL2442 Firewire Mixer 


Pro-Tools 11
Ableton Live 8
Logic Express 9
Presonus Studio One 2
Harrison Mixbus 2
generous amount of Plugins from Waves, McDSP, Izotope, Slate, etc.


JBL LSR 4328 Monitors and 4312SP Sub
M-Audio Studiophile CX-5 Monitors
M-Audio BX5a Deluxe Monitors


Sony MDR-7506 Studio Monitors
Sennheiser HD280 Pro
Audio Technica ATHM-50
Audio Technica ATHM-40fs


Martin D15 all Mahogany Acoustic
1966 Gibson SG Standard
2 Mid 60's Epiphone Melody Maker style Solidbody Electrics
1972 Rickenbacker 420 Solidbody Electric
Fender 1969 Telecaster Thinline Re-Issue
Fender Spalted Maple Telecaster HH Special
Fender Classic Players Series 50's Stratocaster
Cordoba 32E Spruce/Mahogany Spanish Made Classical
Crafter Travel Acoustic Guitar

Guitar/Bass Amps

Seymour Duncan Convertible 100 Head
Marshall 4x12 Cabinet with Celestion Greenbacks
Vox AC-30 212 combo with Celestion Greenbacks
Fender Modified Blues Jr.
Fender Bassman 250 2x10 Bass Amp
Ampeg BA-112 Bass Amp
1x12 Cabinet with EVM 12-S Proline 300w Speaker

P.A. Speakers

Mackie SRM-450 Powered Speakers (x2)
RCF 312AmkIII Powered Speakers (x2)
EV ELX112P Powered Speakers (x2)
EV ZXA-1 Powered Speakers (x2)
Yorkville Elite EF508 Passive Biampable Mains (x2)
Yorkville TL315C Passive Mains (x2)
JBL SRX718S 18" Passive Subwoofers (x2)
JBL JRX118SP Powered Sub
ALTO TSSUB15 Powered Subwoofers (x2)

Typical Setups:

Small DJ Centric Event/Wedding:
EV Main Speakers
Alto Subs or JBL Sub
Mackie 1402 Mixer 

with Monitor Speaker(s)

Solo/Duo Small Band Setup:
Powered Mains x2
Powered Subs x2
Powered Stage Monitors x2
Mackie 1402
10x4 Snake Configuration
up to 10 Microhpones, DI Boxes, etc.
stands, cables, etc 

Medium Size Band Setup 1:
Powered Mains x2
Powered Subs x2
Powered Stage Monitors x4
Presonus SudioLive 24.4.2 Console 
24x6 Stage Snake Configuration
up to 24 Microhpones, DI Boxes, etc.
stands, cables, etc

Medium Size Band Setup 2:
Yorkville TL315 Passive Tops
Custom 18" Passive Subs
Amps for 1000w mains, and 2000w Subs
Powered Stage Monitors x6
Presonus SudioLive 24.4.2 Console 
24x8 Stage Snake Configuration
up to 24 Microhpones, DI Boxes, etc.
stands, cables, etc

Large Band Setup:
Yorkville Elite Passive Tops
JBL SRX Passive 18" Subs
Amps for 1500w mains, and 4000w Subs
Powered Stage Monitors x8
Presonus SudioLive 24.4.2 Console 
24x10 Stage Snake Configuration
up to 24 Microhpones, DI Boxes, etc.
stands, cables, etc